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ancient Scandinavian folk art


Hand-sewn Icelandic sheepskin pelts with block printed ink art in the 1,000+ year old tradition.

Amika Ryan

Montana Skinnfell Artist

Skinnfell Purse / Viking Belt Pouch

Skinnfell Wall Art

Skinnfell Pillow

Skinnfell Chair Pad

amika ryan copia cove skinnfell artists trailing of the sheep festival

Birka Warrior Collection by Skinnfell Artist, Amika Ryan.
Pictured is Amika with her youngest daughter at Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Hailey, Idaho.

Four Pelt Skinnfell Coverlet - Birka Warrior Collection

Amika's first Skinnfell

Amika Ryan was mentored by Norwegian artist Britt Solheim uppon her visit to the Vesterhiem Museum in Decorah, Iowa in 2017.

Amika's first Skinnfll piece was this two-pelt coverlet, which took nearly one week to create.