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copia cove icelandic sheep wool gifts montana usa

Pleased to Meet You!

Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep & Wool, a sheep ranching operation in beautiful Butte, Montana, is owned and operated by super-mommy, Amika Ryan and her right-hand gals, Madison and Finley.

amika ryan shepherd like a girl copia cove icelandic sheep wool gifts

Their 2020 breeding flock consists of over forty registered and unregistered pure-bred Icelandic ewes and FIVE magnificent breeding rams.

Amika’s dream is to offer the best Icelandic sheep breeding stock and selections of handmade, sheep products and gifts made from sheep milk, wool, and sheepskins in North America.

She's dedicated to promoting Icelandic sheep, sustainable ranching, handmade crafts, and the humane treatment of all animals (and humans).

copia cove icelandic sheep wool gifts montana usa

Be sure to check out the Blog and the Shop to see for yourself why Amika, Madison, and Finley think that Icelandic sheep are the ultimate homestead animal!

We hope you stay connected with us on Instagram and Facebook throughout our shepherding journey. And, as always, we encourage you to shepherd like a girl!